South Carolina Marijuana Business

Interested in starting a Cannabis business in South Carolina?

What is the Demand for Marijuana in South Carolina?

Currently, there is no demand for marijuana in South Carolina since the state has not legalized cannabis. The state penalizes cannabis possession, cultivation, and trafficking with penalties ranging from cash fines to jail sentences. Although patients diagnosed with severe epilepsy and certified by physicians can use low-THC CBD oil (as permitted by Julian's Law), its demand is not notable.

How is Marijuana Taxed in South Carolina?

Recreational marijuana and medical cannabis are illegal in South Carolina. Hence, there are no taxes for them. While the state does not tax marijuana, Section 21-21-50 of the South Carolina Code defines marijuana as any marijuana, real or counterfeit, sold, possessed, held, or transported in violation of state laws. This section of the state's Code, named the Marijuana and Controlled Substance Act, imposes $3.5 on each gram of marijuana.

What is the Agency Taxing Marijuana Business in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR) collects several types of taxes from residents and businesses in the state. However, marijuana is not taxed since South Carolina has not legalized cannabis. The state will most likely give the DOR the responsibility of collecting marijuana taxes when it legalizes cannabis. For general inquiries on taxes in South Carolina, interested persons may contact the DOR at 1 (844) 898-8542 or in person at any of their office locations.

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